Gift - Out Now

Gift is out now on Nintendo Switch, an action/puzzler that tasks you with escaping a sinking ship, while also providing a sweet narrative.

Scroll down for a trailer and the official description from the publisher:

An old man wakes up and finds himself on a luxury cruise ship.

He encounters passengers that he feels nostalgic about for various reasons as he attempts to escape from the sinking ship.

This is an action game in which the player aims to escape from a giant ship before it sinks into the sea.

The tilt and water level of the ship are constantly changing, so the situation varies dramatically even in the same location depending on the timing.

The gimmicks scattered throughout the ship also act very differently depending on the tilt and water level.

The player needs to make strategic use of these changes to construct an escape route. Sometimes it is necessary to solve puzzles, and other times it is necessary to make skillful use of the character’s actions.

And in the end…

A very precious encounter is awaiting the old man.

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