Glover Comes to Nintendo Switch

The N64 and videogames in general in the late 90’s were host to many unique platform mascots, but none more so than the glove and ball combo seen in Glover!

While it may not have been a commercial smash in the same league as Banjo-Kazooie or Spyro, Glover still did relatively well for a new and somewhat bizarre IP and has retained loyal fans to this day. As such, Glover is set to return once more in the near future on Nintendo Switch!

There is no concrete release date yet, but Glover will be releasing as a paid title on the Nintendo eShop under the QuByte Classics range, and not as an NSO N64 Online download. Glover will also see a simultaneous release on other consoles.

Glover is a puzzle adventure game consisting of 6 worlds with 30 different levels. You control a charismatic glove that walks on two fingers, dribbles and plays with a bouncing rubber ball.

The peaceful world of the Kingdom has been destroyed! The seven crystals have been lost due to an explosive blast of energy. Without the crystals, the castle and your world will disintegrate and the mage will be lost!

It's up to Glover, one of the magic gloves, to find the crystals, now disguised as rubber balls, and return them safely to the castle. Guide Glover and the balls to seven magical worlds full of puzzles and hidden surprises.

QuByte may have washed their hands of the sequel Glover 2, in late 1999, but they still firmly grasp to the glory days of this original cult classic, and are set to re-release it in the near future.

Stay tuned for when an official release date is confirmed, and sob softly into your gloves that this won’t be appearing on Nintendo Switch Online.

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