GTA Trilogy Update

It seems Rockstar have not given up on the GTA Trilogy that released last year. While it received a bunch of post-launch patches in its first few months of release to quell the fires of its less than stellar reception, updates had unsurprisingly dried up in recent months.

This latest patch comes nearly a year after the initial launch though, and the official word is that it’s a stability update – a generic update I’m sure many are accustomed to if you peruse patch notes of games, but a welcome one given the undesirable stability the games were known for.

Digging a little deeper though, this update is a lot more interesting. According to community member @billsyliamgta , the code base of the trilogy has changed which suggests that Grove Street Games are no longer working on the game and instead an internal Rockstar team will be handling future updates and patches.

The GTA Trilogy was a long awaited remake for Switch fans when it launched last year, finally giving Nintendo gamers a slice of the controversial titles that rocked the world in the early 2000’s.

Sadly though, things didn’t go quite to plan, as the trilogy was met with a myriad of problems, and critics and fans alike weren’t shy of being vocal on the issues.

From severe frame rate issues, pop-in, glitches and visual bugs, the trilogy suffered problems on all of the platforms it graced, but none more so than the decidedly less powerful Nintendo Switch.

The patches since launch have improved the titles greatly, though they still aren’t perfect. Hopefully with the continued support of Rockstar, Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition, can one day live up to its name.

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