Hardware: GameShark For The GameCube

Codes and Game Saves Galore for favorite GameCube games!

The buzz around GameShark has grown for each new video game console that has been introduced since the release of the GameShark for Nintendo 64. For GameCube and Xbox the buzz began even before the consoles launched in November 2001. The wait will soon be over for GameCube owners with the introduction of GameShark for GameCube expected in June 2002.

Pre-loaded with hundreds of codes for the hottest GameCube video game titles, the GameShark for GameCube features a powerful game enhancement software engine surrounded by an easy to use software interface. Included along with the software is a specially designed 1x memory card that will store thousands of new GameShark codes as they are released on GameShark.com, which is updated daily with new codes and game saves for existing and new GameCube titles. Access impossible to reach levels, give yourself infinite lives, ammunition, time and more. It's all possible with GameShark for GameCube.

"The GameShark for GameCube promises to be one of our most innovative and appealing GameSharks ever," said John Hays, Director of GameShark Product Development. "We used our experience in selling over five million GameSharks to enhance our product by combining great product features, a simple to use software interface, and fantastic code content into a single product that is sure to draw gamers of all levels."

GameShark for GameCube will be available at major toy and electronics retailers for MSRP $ 39.99 in June 2002.

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