Hardware: Interact Will Supply The Power!

Interact announced today it will release Mobile Power for the GC, a lightweight battery that fits under the GameCube and powers the console.


Several Other New Accessories Enhance GameCube Play

Hunt Valley, MD ~ May 20, 2002 ~ With the new Mobile Power GC, InterAct Accessories, Inc., a Recoton company (NASDAQ:RCOT), has made it possible to independently operate the Nintendo� GameCube , opening up a whole array of options for gaming on the go.

Since the highly successful introduction of the Mobile Monitor 5.4 at the GameCube launch, GameCube enthusiasts have anticipated a solution that provides a complete mobile gaming experience. It's here in the Mobile Power GC, a lightweight yet sturdy rechargeable battery that fits snugly under the GameCube and powers the console and the screen for over 90 minutes of continuous game play.

"From the start we knew GameCube would offer a lot of possibilities for accessories, especially with the option for portability. We've created several innovative products thus far and continue as the leader in providing unique, mobile solutions for the console market," said Rodney Hillman, Vice President Product Development and Planning for InterAct.

In addition to the Mobile Power GC, InterAct will unveil a wide range of new GameCube accessories at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), May 22 - 24, 2002. There is the upgraded controller, the SuperPad Pro, the CubeLink Advanced and the Black Thunder Racing Wheel. The Mobility Kit and Starter Kit round out the enhanced GameCube accessory product lineup from InterAct.

The SuperPad Pro takes the original design of the SuperPad and improves it with rubberized, non-slip grips and fully programmable buttons. The SuperPad Pro also features Precise Mode, which lets gamers switch the sensitivity of the left analog stick by merely sliding the switch to the setting of choice - off, low or high. Other features include built-in rumble, eight-way digital D-pad, digital fire buttons, two analog L/R shoulder buttons, auto-fire function, rumble on/off, and eight-foot cable. Available in purple, black, clear and blue, the SuperPad Pro has an MSRP of $19.99.

The CubeLink Advanced is designed to let gamers use their Game Boy Advance� with several GameCube titles by connecting the two gaming systems and utilizing the GBA as the controller. The six-foot cable attaches securely to the GBA so it won't come loose during intense gaming sessions. The CubeLink Advanced at an MSRP of $9.99 comes in a variety of translucent colors including black, purple, blue and clear.

Endorsed by NASCAR racing sensation Dale Earnhardt Jr., the Black Thunder Racing Wheel is loaded with features like a nine-inch auto-centering wheel with rubberized grips, separate ergonomic analog gas/brake pedal unit, eight-way digital D-pad, analog style C-stick, four digital action buttons, two analog action buttons, two butterfly-style analog shift levers, powerful vibration feedback, full programmability for button relocation and adjustable steering sensitivity. MSRP $39.99.

The Mobility Kit and Starter Kit bundle offer essential elements to support the needs of every GameCube enthusiast. The Mobility Kit contains the Mobile Monitor 5.4, Mobile Power GC, a carrying case and headphones. At an MSRP of $149.99 it is your ticket to gaming on the go. The Starter Kit, MSRP $29.99, holds the SuperPad, six-foot extension cable and Flash Memory Card.

The Mobility Kit will be available at major toy and electronics retailers in July 2002. All other products mentioned above can currently be found at major toy and electronics retailers nationwide.

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