LEGO Animal Crossing Sets Available Now, More Reveals Incoming

LEGO Animal Crossing sets were unleashed upon the world last week, allowing you to build your favourite characters and locations from the game!

Capp’n, Isabelle, Tom Nook and more make appearances in the different sets, which you can check out in their entirety on the official LEGO website, or have a peak at some of the sets below:

But that’s not all! While Nintendo and LEGO were happy to reveal the latest franchise to be brickified from the Big N with Animal Crossing, the main man himself, Mario, is making a triumphant return, as new Mario sets will be revealed on March 9th:

The stream will take place on the LEGO YouTube channel, but rest assured that we will also report on it here at N-Europe!

Nintendo have had a strong relationship with LEGO in recent years, as the Mario sets have expanded to included all manner of locations, inspired by any number of games, such as the baby penguin from Super Mario 64, level designs from Super Mario 3D World and an actual life-size NES!

Donkey Kong, Funky Kong, Diddy Kong, Cranky Kong and Dixie Kong made their LEGO debut prior to this latest Animal Crossing set, including a stage with bongos, DK's famous hut and a minecart level!

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