Mario Party 1 and 2 Available Now on Nintendo Switch Online

Who has time to wait ‘til the weekend? Mario Party 1 and 2 are available from today on the N64 app via your Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pak subscription.

Gather three friends to play locally or online in these classic party titles, donning your protective glove.

Following the infamous 90’s lawsuit against the original Mario Party, this is the first time that the first entry has seen a re-release outside of the Nintendo 64, previously skipping the Wii and WiiU Virtual Consoles.

Mario Party 1 features some mini-games that require you to spin the analogue stick as fast as possible, which led to people spinning it with the palm of their hand and, thanks to the coarse nature of the 64 stick, allegedly causing blisters on the palms of party animals the world over.

As they say though, time heals all wounds, so the original is back, and this time it wants blood. Will your weathered and ageing hands fare better than they did back in the 90’s?

Mario Party 2, which also launches today, is still a firm favourite out of the 10+ titles spanning the series. Praised for the quality of its mini-games and maps, as well as the unique ability to dress up to match each boards theme, this entry was a highlight of the party season of ‘64.

Which party will you be jumping into this Winter?

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