Mario vs. Donkey Kong — Overview Trailer 

A brand new trailer for the upcoming Mario vs. Donkey Kong has just been revealed by Nintendo, showcasing multiplayer in action, casual mode, some of Mario’s stunning moves, and more!

All of the levels can be played in single or multiplayer, with slight changes to the levels if you decided to go with two players.

Mario is particularly versatile in this trailer, with his hand stand and jumping abilities on full display!

Donkey Kong is shown to be the most menacing he has appeared since the Donkey Kong Arcade days, as some levels will task you with throwing barrels at the big ape to stop his reign of terror.

Get to know the ins and outs of this puzzle-filled platforming adventure that includes enemies and obstacles galore! Move, groove, and solve a puzzle or two in the Mario vs. Donkey Kong game, launching on the Nintendo Switch system February 16, 2024. Pre-orders are available now on Nintendo eShop.

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