Media: Bravely Default: Flying Fairy Screenshots

Have a peek at Square Enix's brand new RPG that uses Augmented Reality inside.

Announced today Square Enix's new Nintendo 3DS game promises classic RPG action and is being produced by Tomoya Asano, who has worked on Final Fantasy IV, and characters are being designed by Akihiko Yoshida, who has worked on Final Fantasy III.

Japanese gamers can get a sampling of Bravely Default: Flying Fairy via the eShop, which makes use of a special AR card that will be distributed at this week's Tokyo Games Show and via the game's official site as of September 22nd. A giant version of the AR card will also be at Square Enix's TGS booth, meaning visitors can see life-sized versions of the characters.

An official teaser site has been launched today along with a batch of screenshots. Expect more information over the coming days during the Tokyo Games Show.

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