Media: Bravely Default Trailer

Get a taste of the beautiful new world Square-Enix has built on 3DS...

Nintendo has issued a new trailer for Square-Enix's new(ish) 3DS IP, which is, surprise surprise, a very Japanese RPG.

Bravely Default: Flying Fairy (*snigger*) is by all means a new game, though some have held it up as a spiritual follow-up to the cult DS RPG Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light. Details of the game are still a little sketchy, but it has been described has having the foundation of a traditional RPG, with job and battle systems being similar to Final Fantasy V.

Bravely Default will feature an augmented reality feature for gamers with an interest in scantily clad girls, and a demo is due to hit the Japanese eShop in spring.

The game is currently planned for a 2012 release in Japan. No word of a western release as of yet.

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