Media: Dragon Quest Screens & Release Date

Square Enix have announced a May 9th release date for Dragon Quest Swords: The Masked Queen and the Tower of Mirrors for the Wii. Check out a raft of screens inside...

The Wii's first Dragon Quest title is definitely shaping up, complete with motion-sensitive sword-wielding fighting. The title contains all the familiar features people have come to expect from the series, such as a system to power up weapons and the ability to perform a large array of powerful attacks. Additional mini-games add to the fun as you catch darts with your shield and try to defeat Slime monsters as quickly as possible to win bonus items.

Check out some shots of the title below:

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"In the town at the foot of Avalonia Castle, a young man enjoys a peaceful life with his father. That young man is you. It is your sixteenth birthday at last, and time to take the Walk of the Worthy, the trial of strength which all young Avalonian males must undergo upon coming of age.

You will need to put all of your training in the ways of the sword into practice if you are to pass the test, and take your rightful place amongst Avalonia's warriors. Should you succeed � who knows what adventures await you!"

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