Media: Final Fantasy CC: My Life As A King

Square-Enix's new WiiWare game which bears a name too long to fit fully into the headline has some new screenshots!

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life As A King is a city-building/role-playing game from Square-Enix created exclusively for WiiWare. Taking place after the events of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles for the GameCube (which saw the collapse of the titular king's kingdom), My Life As A King sees you rebuilding your country.

Hunt down your people like the dogs they are for taxes, force gullible adventurers into doing your bidding, and most importantly, keep your citizens as happy as the ever elusive Larry to regain control of your iron-fisted empire. The new screenshots for My Life As A King (which can be seen below) see the introduction of the Moguri race as well as several new buildings: the park fountain, the observatory, the Adventure Guild and the bakery.

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Final Fantasy is due for release on May 12th in America for 1500 Wii Points, though no European date has been announced yet. Keep your eyes glued (not literally) to N-Europe for the latest on Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life As A King.

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