Media: See A Boy And His Blob In Motion!

If the screenshots we've shown you left you wanting more, fret not, we have gameplay videos of A Boy And His Blob for you!

IGN sat down with the team bringing Seans (the boy) and Blob (his blob) to life and talked about how the project came to be and the technology used to create such riveting graphics among other things.

The biggest nuggets of info are that contrary to what's been reported, the game isn't a remake at all, it's a new game inspired by the original A Boy And His Blob.

The game will be single player, supporting 16:9 and 480p, also it won't be controlled with IR or motions. WayForward opted for classic controls using the remote+nunchuck combo or the classic controller (Gamecube controller support is also being looked into). Most important of all, there's a hug button! Enough talk, marvel yourself with the first videos of A Boy And His Blob!

Read the full interview here.

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