Mezmeratu – Out Now!

Sporting creepy horror aesthetics, but with a wonderful mix of SNES and PlayStation 1 graphics, the unsettling but totally awesome vibes of Mezmeratu have landed on the Nintendo Switch!

Whilst primarily a platform game, Mezmeratu has a unique take on the genre, as each time you play the world changes! Described as a ‘rogue-style 2D platformer’, it’s certainly a welcome change to the usual rogue-like titles we’ve come to expect.

Mezmeratu is available on the Nintendo eShop now for £8.00.

Scroll down for a trailer and the description from the publisher:

The platformer game of the year 2024 is... MEZMERATU! A completely infernal 2D platform game with a rogue style! Each time you play the world changes! So forget about memorizing the levels! Each time it's a completely different one! Mezmeratu is the platformer spin-off of the Baobabs Mausoleum saga created solo by Jacob Jazz. Full of surrealistic horror villages, stinky talking characters, impossible rogue platforms, and... and a giant fish kidnapped inside an owl's beak. WELCOME TO PROSCIUTTO MISA!

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