Mika and the Witch's Mountain Announced for Nintendo Switch

Mika and the Witch’s Mountain has just been announced for the Nintendo Switch and will release this summer, on August 21st!

Deliver packages to residents of the island via your trusty broom stick in this beautiful anime-inspired 3D world, which has hints of Wind Waker and Studio Ghibli!

Check out the official description below:

Mika and the Witch’s Mountain is a fantasy adventure about an aspiring witch who delivers packages to the townspeople of a small island. Explore every nook and cranny and soar through the sky with your magic broom.

This coming-of-age journey will take us to the top of the mountain through a story of effort, friendship, and community; and will let our hearts fly free.

Take your magic broom and discover all the secrets hidden in the mountain while getting to know its charming inhabitants. Work hard and get a magic broom good enough to achieve your goal: to go to the top of the mountain.

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