Milia: Nintendo talks about online gaming

This is what Nintendo told us: “The GameCube has been designed with flexibility in mind. On the back of the GameCube we have two ports: one for a broadband adapter and one for an analogue adapter. We have build flexibility into the GameCube. So when that eventuality arises we will be ready also to accommodate it.”

Of course we already knew that… so an editor of the uk magazine Cube asked the following: “Going on the back of that, you are waiting for the right time, but what about the upcoming Phantasy Star Online by Sega. How can you justify releasing a game that is meant to be played online, and also say that your are waiting for the right time?”

This what David Gosen, Nintendo of Europe’s Managing Director of Marketing and Sales, replied: “ PSO was a successful title to have start online gaming with the GameCube, and we will find the right time for in Europe to include that online proposition. And I think really that is how far we can go at this moment. We need to make sure that the gaming experience delivered on a console is reflected to an online environment.”

Nintendo is still thinking about online gaming. They have not decided when/how or what to do with it as of yet. As soon as they figur out what to do we of course will let you be the first one to know!

Gerben Stavast & Tim Symons,
General Managers GameCube Europe

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