Milia: We're there

Here we are reporting live from Milia. We have picked up our media batches at 9.00 AM, and now we're waiting in the 'press club' for the GameCube stand to open. This will hopefully happen soon.

Later today, at 12.00 AM, David Gosen will host a press conference where he will 'highlight the succes of GameCube in both Japan and America, and look forward to the strategy for Nintendo GameCube across Europe.'

'Stephan Bole, managing director of Nintendo France will make a presentation regarding strategy for Nintendo GameCube with specific reference to the French market'

We will of course be here, and give you all the details on the press conference this afternoon.

Tomorrow we'll give you more detailed information,with hands on reviews of all games shown here. Of course we'll give you pictures and movies of the show. We will also try and record the press conference, and possible interviews.

That's it for now, we're heading for the GameCube stand again (10 metres from here). Keep coming back for more updates!


Gerben Stavast & Tim Symons,
General Managers GameCube Europe

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