My Nintendo Store Gift Boxes

The My Nintendo Store UK website has a special section for us dedicated Nintendo gamers, where you don’t have to spend any real cash, and instead can cash in your hard-earned Platinum Points for physical goodies!

The latest merch available is a selection of gift boxes (pictured above) which you can find here.

Pack presents for your loved ones in these fillable gift boxes, featuring special designs based on Super Mario Bros. Wonder and more!

Now available for 150 Platinum Points each (plus shipping) from My Nintendo Store.

Elsewhere in the My Nintendo Store exclusives section is Tears of the Kingdom branded wrapping paper or a nifty 2024 advent calendar.

Platinum Points can be earned on your Nintendo Switch via the NSO app by completing different tasks, such as simply going on the app, using software online or playing certain titles.

Platinum Points do expire after a certain amount of time, so now may be a great opportunity to use up some of that pile you’ve been hoarding!



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