Natsu-Mon: 20th Century Summer Kid Announced for Nintendo Switch

Enjoy life as a care-free 10 year old in the Japanese countryside, partaking in every day life, special events and getting to know and befriend the people around you!

During their Anime Expo 2024 panel, Spike Chunsoft, Inc. announced the release of the heartwarming summer holiday adventure Natsu-Mon: 20th Century Summer Kid. The game will be released exclusively as a digital download for Nintendo Switch and Steam in North America and Europe on August 6, 2024.

A demo will be available exclusively for Nintendo Switch beginning July 30, 2024.

The game is developed by TOYBOX Inc. and Millennium Kitchen Co., Ltd. , with the story, script, and direction by Kaz Ayabe of Millennium Kitchen Co., Ltd..

Satoru, the son of a circus ringmaster, just arrived in a seaside town surrounded by nature.

Enjoy a special summer in rural Japan, where you'll meet many people and have amazing experiences. In the game's open world environment go to various locations without loading times or screen changes. Swim in the sea, climb up the mountain, take a train to the neighboring town... Immerse yourself in this seamless world as you go on your adventure. Have fun interacting with both the people who live in the town and your fellow circus troupe members. As you spend your summer days in town, you will even be asked to direct the circus. A heartwarming summer vacation adventure awaits you.

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