New Animal Crossing trailer and Japanese release date

Animal Crossing on 3DS is set to be one of the most in-depth and customisable games of the series so far. Well... that's what the developers were telling us but now we can see for ourselves in this brand new trailer.

The trailer shows that previous features of the old game are back such as moving furniture around your home and creating your own patterns via the touchscreen but exciting new additions have been added.

You'll now be able to decorate the town with new benches and bridges as well as edit the outside of your home. Long time AC fans will be happy to see the return of that crafty old Tom Nook in the trailer who, this time is a housing estate as oppose to a bell grabbing shop owner (that's money grabbing to us humans, if you were concerned). 

Animal Crossing 3DS still has a vague '2013' release date here in Europe but the title is set to release in Japan on November 8th. The title will be known in Japan as Tobidase Animal Crossing. 

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