New GameCube Sales Numbers

Gamecube sales rose from 148,000 units for the US last week to 259,000 units sold for a total of 1.2 million units. PS2 sold 596,000 units in the week, bringing the install base in the U.S. to over 6.6 million units. Game Boy Advance sold 639,000 units last week, bringing the install base to over 4.6 million units. Sales to date put each system on or ahead of pace to meet our year-end expectations.

These numbers look more accurare than the last report from CSFB. Their last report stated that Nintendo only sold 600,000 GameCubes in the US! Everybody knew that could not be right... Didn't Nintendo launch with 700,000 systems? Wasn't it true that Nintendo couldn't meet demand?

I am glad CSFB noticed they made a big mistake!

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