New info for Pokémon Sword and Shield to be shared on 7th August

It would appear that The Pokémon Company will have new information to share about the upcoming Switch titles Pokémon Sword and Shield on 7th August at the following times...

– 2 PM in the UK
– 3 PM in Europe
– 6 AM PT
– 9 AM ET

This is what was put out in the original Tweet...

Galar Research Update

Show of hands, Trainers: Who’s ready for more information on #PokemonSwordShield?

It seems that we can expect a trailer at the very least and hopefully some promising information which might raise the anticipation for these titles before their release in a few months, either way we'll bring you the latest info here on N-Europe soon after its broadcast.

Are you looking forward to Pokémon Sword and Shield? Do you intend to wait on the reviews? Will this be a must-have or a title in the series which you might skip instead?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section or join in with the discussion on our forum.

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