New Nintendo title added to Nintendo Switch Online December 2023

One new Nintendo title will been added to the N64 app in December for Nintendo Switch online subscribers.

The newest title is...

  • Jet Force Gemini

Check out the info below...

Developed and published by Rare, Jet Force Gemini is an outer-spacey shooter starring three bold heroes. The story is set in an unknown region of our galaxy, where a team of adventurers called Jet Force Gemini is bravely struggling against the looming threat of a warlord named Mizar. Juno, Vela, and their loyal dog Lupus ignore the apathetic galactic authorities and set out to drive a wedge in Mizar’s operations.

There’s nothing subtle about Jet Force Gemini’s visual package, which propels players into a futuristic world full of colour and volatile special effects. Character animations are naturally fluid, while smartly directed cinema scenes provide entertaining breaks in the action. Graphically, Rare is most proud of JFG’s real-time lighting effects. Weapon blasts shed light on surrounding structures as they tear toward an enemy, and if the alien dodges the blast it will continue to affect the environment as far as the eye can see. Each weapon creates a unique lighting effect, which can turn the screen into a kaleidoscope of colours during heated gunfights.

On their quest to overthrow the maniacal Mizar, Jet Force Geminians will have to tear there way through a staggering 120 stages of action. The characters travel individual paths to reach Mizar’s home planet, where they regroup for a final confrontation. Each character is equipped with a unique talent that must be mastered along the journey. Vela has the ability to swim long distances underwater, Juno is able to walk over fiery surfaces, and Lupus the dog can jump much further than the other characters. Eventually, team members earn the ability to tool up with robotic power-ups that make them even more versatile. Typical of Rare games, JFG comes stocked with extras, including four-player racing and deathmatch games – although you’ll need to make good progress towards mad old Mizar before you earn the right to unlock them.

And here's the Japanese trailer featuring Jet Force Gemini and Goldeneye as a placeholder...

This article will likely be updated when there is a solid release date for Europe.

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