Nintendo 64 Switch Profile Icons Available Now

The 90’s were a time of unabashed creative freedom; an internet super highway of gaudy GeoCities pages, 56k destroying forum signatures and new fandangled gifs.

While that care-free era may be long behind us, remnants of those halcyon days can now be found within the Nintendo Switch Online app, in the form of beautiful new N64 icons.

Go wild with creative freedom as you mix and match borders, backgrounds and characters in an eclectic mix of colours, patterns and beautiful early 3D renders. Create an icon that is purely you and express yourself in a way you haven’t been able to since those aforementioned rose-tinted dial-up years.

Available so far are classic renders from Super Mario 64, in-game models of the mother penguin and King Bob-Omb, and an array of art from Kirby 64 and Majora's Mask. Be sure to keep checking as new ones will be added throughout the month.

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