New Pokémon, Ed Sheeran, Make Their Series Debut

Digglet from the first generation of Pokémon is back, or is it? This new garden eel type Pokémon, Wigglet, shares some of the characteristics and looks of Digglet but is adapted for sand and sea! Watch out for Wingull’s, lil buddy!

It may look like Diglett, but it’s actually a completely different species of Pokémon.​ Wiglett pokes a part of its body out of the sand to feed in the ocean. It’s still unclear what the rest of its body hidden in the sand is like or how long it might be.

Boasting an exceptional sense of smell, Wiglett is able to pick up scents from over 60 feet away.​ It has a skittish disposition and is constantly cautious of its surroundings. When it notices the scent of other Pokémon, Wiglett burrows into the sand to conceal itself.​

Wigglet is yet another adorable Pokémon reveal for the upcoming Scarlet and Violet Pokémon titles coming to Switch later this year, joined by other new Pokémon such as Fidough and Grafaiai.

Speaking of Scarlet and Violet, a new song from Ed Sheeran has just been released in a joint venture between him and Pokémon. The video depicts him interacting with a bunch of cartoon Pokémon.

This is one of many collaborations with popular music artists that Pokémon has seen in recent years, such as last years song from Katy Perry ‘Electric’, or South Korean rock star Jung Joon Young’s ‘Come to my Dream’ in 2016.

Unlike those and many other songs made for the Pokémon series, ‘Celestial’ by Ed Sheeran will appear in Pokémon Scartlet and Violet itself.

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