New Pokémon Trailer: Gym Battles, Story Options, New Creatures

A slew of new Pokémon information was unveiled in the latest trailer for Pokémon Violet and Scarlet, as well as a gorgeous looking new Nintendo Switch OLED.

Unlike previous Pokémon games, it seems this iteration will allow you to choose your own destiny, with three main storylines that you can tackle in any order you please, which hone-in on different aspects of the Pokémon experience.

If you see yourself more as an intrepid explorer, assisting Arven in his quest for herbs may be your style in the Path of Legends. If you see yourself as a traditional Pokémon master, a showdown against the new Team Star may be more up your alley, as you pit yourself up against a group of delinquent school rapscallions.

New Pokémon made their debut in this latest trailer, including Klawf, a Rock-type crab Pokemon, and Amarouge and Ceruledge, a pair of armour wearing Pokémon, each being exclusive to one version of the game.

The school that you’ve enrolled in hosts a special independent study project. The theme of this assignment is “A Treasure Hunt.” Explore the world and seek out your very own treasure!

Three stories will be woven into your adventure while traversing the sprawling Paldea region. Along Victory Road, you will go to Gyms in different locations in order to achieve Champion Rank. On the Path of Legends, you can join Arven in search of rare ingredients. And in ★ Starfall Street ★, you’ll challenge Team Star, a group of delinquents causing trouble for the school.

These stories are set in an open world, so where you go is all up to you. A world teeming with Pokémon and people to meet is waiting for you—traverse the Paldea region wherever you heart desires.

Nintendo also announced a new Nintendo Switch OLED which will be releasing alongside the game this November.

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