New Trailer and Details for Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet

November 18th gets ever closer, and so does the trickle of new Pokémon details. In this latest trailer for the upcoming Scarlet and Violet, new moves are revealed as well as new items, and a new Pokémon called Cyclizar, which will play a vital role in the game.  

There's also an early purchase bonus, where players will be able to get a special Pikachu, not obtainable in the game. You'll be able to recieve this before Febrary 28th 2023.

Eagle-eyed viewers may also notice a familiar and nostalgic ghost Terastalization crown atop one of the Pokémon in the trailer - spooky!

Here are some details about the new Pokémon called Cyclizar, which debuted today at the Pokémon World Championships...

A Pokémon That Lives with Humans

This Pokémon has lived in many households in the Paldea region since ancient times. It has a mild disposition, and people riding Cyclizar are a very common sight. It appears Cyclizar don't mind being ridden because the warmth of a rider helps stave off the cold.

A Body Optimized for Running

Cyclizar can sprint at over 70 mph while carrying a human. Its extremely hard head and thick, lithe tail are not only useful for maintaining balance and absorbing shocks while sprinting—they also provide effective ways to attack during battles.

A slew of new information is also available about the casual and competitive game modes, which can be found below the trailer.

Ranked Battles, which players have had the chance to enjoy in Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield, will be returning in Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet. Players will be able to take on battles in the Casual Battles and Online Competitions modes as well.​

Casual Battles

These are low-stakes battles in which results are not recorded. One appealing feature about these battles is that you can use any Pokémon.​

Ranked Battles

In these battles, you will be able to test your battle skills against Pokémon Trainers from all over the world. Your rank will change depending on your battle results. Trainers are sorted into tiers based on their ranks. If you can reach Master Ball Tier, the topmost tier, you'll have a chance to vie to be the best Pokémon Trainer in the world in fierce battles.​

Online Competitions

These are competitions in which Trainers can battle with other entrants.​

Official Competitions​

Various kinds of rules may govern these special competitions in which you compete to see how high you can place in the rankings.​

Friendly Competitions​

In this format, you can hold your very own competition or join one set up by other Trainers.​

Rental Teams

This feature lets you easily borrow Battle Teams by inputting IDs that have been shared online. You’ll also be able to build your own Battle Team and make it available for Pokémon Trainers all over the world to use!​

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