Ace Attorney Investigations 2

News: Ace Attorney Investigations 2 Plot Creation

Tatsuro Iwamoto, character designer for Ace Attorney Investigations 2, has detailed how the plot for the title was decided.

The image below shows exactly how the staff at Capcom came up with the plot ideas that are to be used in Ace Attorney Investigations 2.

If, somehow, you are unsure what this means then allow us to explain thanks to Andriasang. The game's staff spent five days and four nights at a place known as "Capcom Manor" last summer to help figure out the game's plot and gameplay mechanics.

The idea, allegedly taken from film director Akira Kurosawa who did similar with script writers, was to ensure the staff remained focused and exchanged ideas. During their retreat the staff came up with plot ideas, gameplay systems, rough sketches and the overall scenario ideas. A trailer for the title can be viewed below.

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