News: Activision Unveils Spyro Reboot

Activision reveals its ambitious plan to make Spyro relevant again...

It was once a well-respected franchise that commanded millions, but the last decade or so hasn't been too kind to Spyro. The tried-and-tested formula wasn't working, so it seems Activision has decided to take a rather innovative slant to the future of the series.

The result is Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure. The game gives Spyro's appearance the sort of radical make-over you'd expect from a reboot, but that's not the selling-point of this venture. The game will be released alongside a wide variety of toys which 'transport' characters to the game world. Presumably, the idea is to collect as many as possible to take advantage of all the new characters' unique abilities in the game.

The figures will be able to log the progression you've made with the character and transfer the data across to the game on any other platform. Activision are promising they will also hook up to the web and special mobile apps for an even more "diverse experience".

Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure is due out this autumn, no doubt on every platform under the sun.

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