News: Alone in the Dark 5 for Wii and DS

Atari appear to have several games for Nintendo consoles in the works, including a confirmed Alone in the Dark 5 for both Wii and DS.

Atari, one of the largest third-party publishers in the United States, haven't realised the full potential of the Wii yet beyond their Dragon Ball Z franchise. But now, out of the blue, retailers have begun to list nine new titles from the videogame giant. The DS is set to see six new games, whilst the Wii will receive three.

Alone in the Dark 5: Near Death is a survival horror title by Eden Games, who confirmed the title in April for the Nintendo DS and Wii. We've yet to see any screens or videos from Eden, but if the online retailers are to be believed, then we'll be seeing this title in November 2007.

Tabaluga 2 has also been popping up on retailer release lists for the Nintendo DS, supposedly coming in September 2007. Information is scarce, but after doing some research I've come to the conclusion that this is the sequel to Tabaluga, a game about a little green dragon for the original Game Boy. Based on a cartoon series that had a short lifespan on British television, this could be a rebirth of both the cartoon and videogame franchise.

Lucky Luke: Go West! is a game that retailers have penned down for November 2007. Lucky Luke is a French comic book series set in the American Old West, and starring a cowboy who can 'shoot faster than his shadow'. The videogame series has largely remained exclusive to Europe, making appearances on the Game Boy Color and PlayStation. This looks to be another sequel intended to give the cowboy franchise a rebirth.

Asterix Olympic Games (or possibly Asterix at the Olympic Games) is said to be appearing on shelves in January 2008. Most likely a tie-in to the film of the same name, which will be appearing early next year (which is a tie-in to the 1968 comic book of the same name - wow, this is confusing), this will be released for the Nintendo DS and Wii. Expect an Olympic work-out from the Wii edition.

Cooking for the Nintendo DS should be out in February 2008. According to DS-x2, this'll be an 'enterprise-simulation game'. Presumably, it'll involve cooking in some way, shape or form.

Fashion Academy is set for a February 2008 release on the Wii and Nintendo DS. Nothing is actually known about this game at this moment in time, but any new information will be uploaded to the news page a.s.a.p.

Watch this space for more on these games.

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