News: Another Conduit 2 Patch Released

High Voltage Software continue sorting out some of Conduit 2's issues with this new patch.

Since the release of Conduit 2 High Voltage Software has been working hard to listen to fans to fix issues that have been discovered. An outline of what the patch resolves has been posted on the GameFAQs forum by High Voltage Software. The new patch does the following:

  1. Removes the ASE Basketball promotion
  2. Removes Double XP
  3. Fixes the joining-the-wrong map bug, which caused a number of issues many of you have noted
  4. Fixes the headset bug � headsets should work with rivals and friends now. Let us know if this doesn't work
  5. Blinding Powder - The attacker gets briefly blinded as well � Due to the numerous complaints about the over-poweredness of Blinding Powder, we wanted to try something to reduce its effectiveness. We hope that this doesn't completely negate the use of the power, but if so, we're not afraid to revisit it.
  6. Deatomizer infinite ammo exploit is fixed � Thanks for getting this figured out, guys!

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