News: Be Mario & Luigi For Real!

Ever wished you could jump like the legendary Mario Bros. do in their classic 2D games? If yes then this will make you very happy...

Three New York University students want to create a life-size obstacle course based on Super Mario Bros. that lets players strap into a bungee system to jump 12 feet in the air, smash Goombas, collect coins and snag magic mushrooms, just like everyones favourite plumbers. They call it "The Nintendo Amusement Park".

This is a project of NYU's "Big Games Class" who were also behind PacManhattan which recreated the world of Pac-Man on the New York streets. The Nintendo Amusement Park is only in the beta stages at the moment, players will put on replica Mario or Luigi costumes before jumping into a military harness with a bungee cord attached. Which will enable you to jump 12 feet in the air to reach coins (ballons which you "pop" to simulate collecting the coins), power-up boxes and stomp on goombas.

Currently the bungee doesn't move so the lenght of the course is very limited but the creators hope to build a 100-meter long course where a "haptic winch" utilizing predetermined algorithms which will instantly react to a player's movements and boost their physical abilities accordingly.

At the moment Nintendo themselves are not affiliated with this project which means that it is a serious infringement on copyright, but the students hope to get Nintendos attention and support to fully realise their goal.

Dan Albritton one of the students working on the project said:

"We don't want to make money off their name, but we want to get Nintendo's attention, Nintendo with their game design and Disney with their ride engineering, those are the types of groups we can smash together to make this haptic winch real."

Check out for a video of the the current state of the project in action.

Nintendo would be foolish not to support this project, it's like a dream come true for every body who's ever played Super Mario Bros. 20 years ago on the NES and certianly any newcomers who play the forth coming New Super Mario Bros. on the NDS will start to dream of this also. With a bit of luck who knows we could be talking part in the final product of this project at a Disneyland Park in a few years. Fingers crossed.

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