News: Castles & Cowboys Hit WiiWare

Medieval massacres and cowboy confrontations are on the cards in today's fortnightly European WiiWare offering.

The time has come for the European and Australian WiiWare update, and this week Nintendo have two titles on offer for us to download from the Wii Shop Channel.

First up is XGen Studios' Defend Your Castle, which takes the concept of the ancient Java game and mixes it up with some extremely wacky graphics, more weapons and power-ups and endless hordes of barbaric peasants which you must brutally murder by smashing their spines against the ground with your Giant Floating Cursor Of Evil And Death�. Defend Your Castle is available now for the irresistible fee of 500 Wii Points (making it the cheapest game currently available for WiiWare). Click here to read our interview with XGen for a more detailed look at the title.

Next is a second WiiWare offering from Gameloft (who developed the WiiWare launch title TV Show King), entitled Wild West Guns. The Wild West ain't big enough for you and hundreds of other goons, so the only way to solve this problem is with guns and violence. Take up the Wii Remote (and the optional Wii Zapper) to blow out the brains of Jesse James and his cronies in this return to the arcadey light-gun shooter genre. Wild West Guns is available now for 1000 Wii Points.

Stick around for reviews of these two downloadable goodies.

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