News: Conduit 2 Patch Released

Having problems with Conduit 2? This new patch may well be the solution you are looking for.

Since its release a few weeks ago High Voltage Software has been working on rectifying some issues that have cropped up. A new patch has been released that fixes a number of the initial bugs gamers have found and can be downloaded from within the game. The full details regarding what the patch fixes can be found below courtesy of High Voltage Software on the GameSpot forum.

  • Often in Agartha (other maps as well) players would spawn in and fall to their deaths repeatedly � while this happened less and less frequency with each attempt to fix it, we still see it on occasion. Please let us know if you still see it after this patch
  • The "under stairs" exploit in Serenity that allowed players to get outside the level will now kill players trying to use the exploit.
  • Washington DC � the progression stopper related to the bomb sequence has been fixed. Again, players currently stuck here should see the problem go away, and new playthroughs should not encounter it. (If it doesn't work right away, wait about 20 seconds and the bomb should start ticking.)
  • If the loading screen for the level took longer than usual, sometimes you could get booted.
  • Lessened frequency getting booted during host migration.
  • Fixes incorrect "Tie Game" announcements in team games.
  • Lowered bandwidth usage during certain ASE match types.
  • Attempt to fix the Invasion crashes � since we still have not reproduced these, we can only hope this will fix the problem. Please let us know!

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