News: Conduit 2 Patch Released

High Voltage Software has released another small patch to rectify a few issues that have cropped up with Conduit 2. The patch can be downloaded from within the game and full details about what it fixes can be found below, courtesy of GameFAQs.

  • ASE basketball promotion � We decided to tie this in to the NBA Finals � We'd also seen some requests for people hoping to play a little more ASE Basketball. So here's your chance!
  • Double XP � For those of you striving for level 60 � here's a little bump for you.
  • Reduced effect of "stacking" speed perks � One of the largest balance complaints has been for folks running too fast. We have slightly limited the total cumulative bonus from the speed perks in the game. It still will have an effect, just a slightly reduced one.
  • Fixed phase rifle/carbonizer ammo exploits � Folks had figured out a way to get unlimited ammo with the carbonizer and the "zoomed in" benefits of the phase rifle without being zoomed in.

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