News: Create A Smash Bros. Stage

The Smash Bros. Dojo has revealed that we will be able to create our own stages in Brawl...

Ever wanted to construct your own stages in Smash Bros., such as a one in the shape of a Mario Sprite or just something totally random? Well... you can with Brawl's Stage Builder.

First you choose the size, background and music and then it's onto the proper building. You'll be able to change the size and mirror the available parts. Parts range from simple blocks, platforms and slopes to simple structures and features like moving platforms, conveyor belts and spikes.

Like the screenshot tool, you'll be able to send your stage to people via WiFi or save it to an SD card. Sakurai also plans a submit feature (which is also the "hidden" function from the snapshot update), in which you hit a button to send the stage to Nintendo. One will be chosen each day and sent to every Wii. However, these stages will be deleted after one day and replaced with a new one.

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