News: Defend Your Castle Details

The medieval fortress-defence WiiWare game gets some new details, plus some screens.

Earlier this week, we reported on the confirmation of XGen Studios' WiiWare game, Defend Your Castle. Today, XGen have released new details regarding their new take on the popular rebel-murdering game with the launching of Defend Your Castle's official website.

It has been revealed that Defend Your Castle will support a four-player cooperative mode (we imagine that this will result in a frantic battle to get to the oncoming rebel horde first to ensure maximum points). Interestingly, the player who racks up the most points will gain kingship over the castle, which gives the 'King' control over how the points are spent (or saved) on powerups.

XGen have also reiterated that Defend Your Castle is not a port, but it has rather been recreated completely from the ground up specifically for WiiWare. The game's physics and particle effects (which shine through when your enemies get blown to kingdom come) have also been greatly enhanced. Enemies will come at your fortress thicker and faster, and the game also contains unlimited levels, meaning there's no limits to your murderous empire-expansion.

In addition to these new details, XGen also released several new screenshots which show the game in all its glory. The new graphical style is shown off, and we have to say, it does look awesome. The chunky hand-drawn enemies are put together with googly-eyes and bottle caps, whilst the scenery looks like it has physically been drawn onto a piece of paper.

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Defend Your Castle will be ready for the WiiWare launch in America on May 12th for 500 Wii Points, though a European release date (for both Defend Your Castle and WiiWare in general) is yet to be announced.

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