News: Defend Your Castle Headed To WiiWare

XGen's WiiWare game has been confirmed by NGamer!

You may remember that we ran a story back in January about XGen Studios' plans to bring one of their popular Flash games to WiiWare. The possibilities were endless, but it appears that they have chosen the game which offers the perfect mix between addictive pick-up-and-play action and mindless bloody violence: Defend Your Castle.

Revealed in the new April issue of NGamer Magazine, XGen have given their originally plain and simple Flash game a bit of a makeover. The graphics now have more style, colour and life to them, as if they were drawn by a three year-old hyped up on sugar with unlimited supplies of Crayola.

The Wii Remote's D-Pad can also be used to select a method of attack. In addition to flinging stick-thin invaders towards the heavens and witnessing the bloody crash as their torso melts into the ground, you can now convert attackers into castle citizens, drop bombs on the hordes of evil invaders and use an eraser to 'rub away' the onslaught.

Defend Your Castle will be released on WiiWare in 'early 2008' according to XGen Studios for the bargain price of 500 Wii Points. Stay tuned to N-Europe for the latest on WiiWare.

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