News: EA Announces My Garden for 3DS

Ever wanted to have your own garden without getting dirty fingernails? EA are bringing out My Garden for the 3DS at launch.

While we still don't know the release date for the Nintendo 3DS EA have already promised that their newly announced My Garden will be available on launch in all territories. The title allows players to look after a virtual garden and promises to make full use of the 3DS' technology.

Players will be able to plant up to 300 different types of plants, which will then attract animals to the garden. However, if you want to get rid of the animals that have been attracted you can shake the 3DS which will cause them to flee. The microphone will also be utilised, allowing you to call a bird by whistling to it.

Six different environments will be available, from a desert to a rooftop, and you will get help from a Tanuki (the creature from Japanese folklore that featured in the movie Pom Poko). The Tanuki possesses 20 different abilities and costumes, although what these abilities are has yet to be announced. You will be able to get guidance from the Tanuki to ensure you become a better gardener.

Players will also be able to take photographs of their garden and share them amongst friends. More details are due to be announced next month. More screenshots are available in the gallery.

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