News: Euro MadWorld Website Launched

The European website for Platinum Games' violently vivid MadWorld is now up and running.

Platinum Games' new Wii project, MadWorld, was shown off last week to critical acclaim from the gaming public. Sporting a visual style inspired by Frank Miller's Sin City series, complete with highly exaggerated levels of violence, MadWorld sees you play Jack, a man who has a chainsaw for an arm and must mutilate and kill his opponents to progress in a TV gameshow. Some popular murder techniques involved ramming a caution sign through a man's cranium, and 'heart surgery' - reminiscent of Mola Ram ripping out a man's still-beating heart in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.

Sega have launched the European website for MadWorld, which features the recent teaser trailer as well as some talk about fan service, how the visual style came about, and blood.

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