News: First Brawl Boss Revealed

Smash Bros Dojo has revealed the first boss for the adventure mode from Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Find out who inside...

On Tuesday, Sakurai left us with a cutscene which ended with Kirby face-to-face with Petey Piranha, who had captures Peach and Zelda. Now they have shown us how the first boss battle works.

This first boss doesn't take the form of a traditional Super Smash Bros., or a usual hit point-based fighter. The object of the fight is not to fight Petey Piranha himself, but to attack the cages (containing Peach and Zelda) that he uses as weapons against Kirby, and eventually break one.

Which one you break will have consequences on the story, and suggest a branching storyline. Naturally, Sakurai is leaving us in suspense as to what happens to the character you don't rescue.

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