News: Games coming to a TV near you...

My God, could it be? A decent games show on its way to TV? At a decent hour? On a channel people actually have? This is not a joke...

Recent game shows have been pretty dismal (with the possible exception of Gamepad and the long-dead Game Over which were only available to Sky owners) but this is set to change this November. A primetime showcase for the games industry will hit ITV with the same kind of network support and promotional effort as The Brits and Pop Idol.

Granada Media, in association with Barrington Harvey and MCV, have already gained huge support for an awards and entertainment project that currently carries the working title of 'Games Stars'.

The three format owners Sony, Nintendo, Microsoft, plus a major retail chain and Future Publishing are set to drive the event alongside Granada, which presented its concept to the rest of the industry at an meeting at London Television Centre on Tuesday May 7th.

Because of the high profile nature of the project, a Saturday night slot complete with mega-star presenters Ant & Dec is being considered, putting an end to the horrible hours us game fans have had to sit up to to see a games show. The show will feature awards and incorporate performances from leading music acts including Gorillaz, Kylie and Travis.

There will be nationwide game sampling and voting, driven by Future and the retail chain. An official magazine is being planned by Future, whilst in-store areas promoting nominated titles will run through to Christmas.

"This will be the biggest event the games industry has ever seen," said Granada Media's sponsorship and licensing director Martin Lowed. "We are targeting 16-35 year olds and that is a massive TV audience, backed up by star attractions.

"The games industry has always wanted its own entertainment event to sit alongside the music industry's Brits and that's what we very much intend to deliver."

Conor :It seems the mass media are finally taking gaming seriously, and are realising the ratings that us games fans can give them. The show seems to be quite high-profile, which is no doubt good, but one wonders how much will actually be dedicated to games, and can they deliver intelligent, educated views? Sounds promising, but Ant and Dec? Hmmmm....

Thanks to forum member Nic4321 for the heads-up!

Source: MCV

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