News: Gamestation To Host Brawl Tourneys

20 Gamestation stores across the UK will be hosting tournaments for the upcoming all-star fighter, Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

After a rather lengthy wait, the European launch of Super Smash Bros. Brawl is almost upon us. In just over a week, most of the world's Nintendo fanbase will be gathering around their white box of wonders and savagely beating each other to bloodied pulps with their GameCube controllers to be able to play as Kirby.

If you're planning on getting it, you will have precisely one day of practise before you have the chance to be entered into one of Gamestation's Brawl Showdown tournaments, which will be sponsored by the Big N. Taking place on Saturday 28th of June in 20 stores across the UK, 64 players will be permitted into the store for one grand tournament to decide who the biggest Smash nut is for each reason.

"What of the prizes?!" I hear you cry! Each store will have a Samsung 40" Full HD LCD TV to give away to the first place winner, with a Samsung Home Theatre - HT-X250R. Second place winners will be able to win an iPod Nano, whilst the other 62 entrants will get a certificate with a limited edition Nintendo figurine.

Click here for terms and conditions and to find out how you can sign up and get the chance to smash in the many irritating, pixellated faces of Pikachu and defeat fellow gamers (and even N-Europe staffers) in the ultimate Nintendo fight to the death.

Tournaments are set to take place in Gamestations stores in: Lewisham, Hull, Edinburgh, Birmingham, Telford, Bracknell, Erdington, Leeds, Cambridge, Middlesborough, Gateshead, Sheffield, Gloucester, Burton on Trent, Liverpool Brierley Hill, Dundee, Glasgow, Canterbury and Gwent.

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