News: Graphic State secures WWF deal

No, there's not another wrestling game coming to your GameCube. This time WWF stands for World Wildlife Fund. Developer Graphic State secured the worldwide rights to the WWF, and is to produce a series of related titles for Game Boy Advance, GameCube, PC and mobile phones.

The 3-year deal allows Graphics State to developer games based on the WWF. The games will be produced in close co-operation with the organisation and designed to emphasise the caring, responsible and credible work the WWF provides. Graphic State will also be looking to maximise opportunities to tie-in with WWF-related school programmes.

"There cannot be a more recognisable logo than the WWF's Panda, while the organisation's work across the planet has established them as a genuine humanitarian cause," said Richard Whittall, Creative Director for Graphic State. "Our games will reflect the good work they do while offering strong entertainment for the whole family. The games will all boast cutting edge design, devised in conjunction with the WWF, with the aim being to entertain and inform."

The first WWF-title probably won't hit the stores until 2003.

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