Hidden Photo

News: Hidden Photo Announced

Take photos and turn them into puzzles with Hidden Photo.

PQube has announced a new title today called Hidden Photo that lets gamers take photographs using the DSi camera and create puzzles from them. The title will feature a number of game modes including hidden objects, spot the difference, word search, find yourself, memory puzzles and many more.

Eager gamers will be able to take photographs of themselves, their pets and anything else in the world around them and incorporate them into the various game modes the title offers. PQube promise a game with unlimited possibilities thanks to the unique camera input. The title has been given a European release schedule of February 2011 and will cost �29.99.

“Hidden Photo is perhaps the best use yet for the DSi’s camera. In a single package, we’re providing players with a platform that provides literally unlimited scope for creating different types of incredibly popular and enduring puzzle games. The social aspect of Hidden Photo cannot be understated either – it’s perfect for friends having fun or parents looking to educate and entertain their children with something they can create and play together. Hidden Photo’s supremely accessible puzzle creation tools make it open to all, with literally anything you care to take a picture of providing backgrounds and subject matter.”
- Rob Noble, Head of PR and marketing, PQube

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