News: It's A MadWorld

The normally open-minded Daily Mail is quite appalled at the upcoming Sega title MadWorld and wishes someone would think of the children!

The British tabloid newspaper The Daily Mail reports that the "family friendly" Nintendo Wii is set to receive the "most violent [game] ever", and is shocked at how this contradicts the games usually released on the Wii, which The Daily Mail describes as a "repatoire [sic] of mostly sports games, the [use of] basic graphics and easy-to-use motion sensor remotes."

Sega's upcoming MadWorld focuses upon Jack, a citizen of the fictional city Varrigan City, as he fights against terrorists. The game has built up a lot of interest on the internet for its violent storyline and unique art direction; the game is in black and white, with red being used for blood similar to the popular graphic novel and film adaptation Sin City.

Tears for Fears are probably not too impressed either, but for other reasons.

The game isn't due for a release in Europe until early next year but Mediawatch-UK, a self-described "pressure group" campaigning for decency within the media, are already urging the British Board of Film Classification to refuse to classify the game, effectively meaning the game can not be sold within the UK. This is a similar fate Manhunt 2 suffered last year before a dragged out appeal revoked the BBFC's decision, although the game has still yet to be released.

John Beyer, director of Mediawatch-UK, spoke about the issue to The Daily Mail expressing his upset over MadWorld. "It seems a shame that the game's manufacturer have decided to exclusively release this game on the Wii," Beyer commented. "I believe it will spoil the family fun image of the Wii."

A press release on Sega's website describes the game as a "visceral gaming experience that will be an instant classic on the Wii." Sega of America's Vice President of Marketing Sean Ratcliffe defended the title stating; "MadWorld pushes the envelope with its extreme content but takes a step away from the dark and serious nature of most mature games."

Nintendo have also been addressed about the issue and commented that the Wii is for a whole varity of audiences, not just families and young children as The Daily Mail suggest. As well as this Nintendo stated that every legal requirement, in terms of classifications, shall be fulfilled to ensure the game is only sold to the audience for which it was intended.

The BBFC have yet to comment on the game, and presumably they shall not until they receive a copy of the game from Sega for classification. However with the Manhunt 2 fiasco last year, with the BBFC defending their decision until being made to change it by the courts, the future does not look bright for MadWorld in the UK. Likewise, if, as with Manhunt 2 classification bodies from around the world follow suite nobody may get a chance to play it any time soon.

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