News: Iwata Interviews Sakurai

The Nintendo president interviews the man behind the Wii's most-anticipated title - Smash Bros. Brawl...

Nintendo's company president Satoru Iwata has continued his series of "Iwata Asks" interviews - in which meets developers working on Nintendo titles - with Masahiro Sakurai, creator of Brawl and owner of a rather popular blog on the making of said title.

Instead of a normal interview, its more of chat between the two - the banter especially lively since both men previously worked together on the previous instalment in the series, and Iwata's own integral role in the beginnings of the Brawl project. Here's an excerpt of the two speaking on the origins of the title:

    Iwata: Why don't we talk about how the Super Smash Bros. Brawl got started? I believe it was at E3, right?

    Sakurai: That's right.

    Iwata: E3 is an international gaming event and I myself was at the E3 in May of 2005 to give a presentation about the Wii console. At the time, Wii was still being referred to by its code name "Revolution" and Nintendo revealed the exterior design of this new gaming console as well as the fact that it would include Wi-Fi support. Before the presentation, we polled a large number of people on what Nintendo titles they hoped to see made available for network play and many put Smash Bros. at the top of their list. All the employees from Nintendo of America that were involved with E3 at the time strongly wanted to announce a new Super Smash Bros. that would be compatible with Wi-Fi play. But at the time, we still hadn't discussed this thoroughly with HAL Laboratory yet, which shared the rights to Smash Bros. with Nintendo, and we hadn't even begun planning out the production process. So I announced this subject, emphasizing that I was hoping that a Smash Bros. game would be released as a Wi-Fi compatible title. However, most people from Japan that were in the conference room took this as an official announcement that Nintendo was going to release a new Smash Bros. Looking back at it now, I do regret the way I said this; you can't blame them for interpreting it that way. Naturally, it was a splash of cold water for you.

    Sakurai: Absolutely. (laughs) You can imagine my surprise when I was told by the others at the E3 show site that you made the announcement out of the blue.

    Iwata: I even heard that the people around you at E3 were asking you whether or not you would develop the Smash Bros. game.

    Sakurai: Yeah, it was rough. (laughs) I had no idea what to say.

    Iwata: So, during that E3, I invited you to my hotel room and told you what I was hoping to do. That was the start of the project, there wasn't any specifications set, nor was there any framework.

    Sakurai: And the fact that I had already quit HAL Laboratory made things a bit complicated�

    Iwata: Well, I had considered what I would do if you turned me down and decided that I would need to take the existing Smash Bros. title, Super Smash Bros. Melee for the Game Cube, and try to make it Wi-Fi capable while preserving as much balanced gameplay as possible in the event you didn't want to get involved. Maybe it's more appropriate to say that I realised we wouldn't be able to add any new elements to the game without your help and I think I said as much when we discussed it at the hotel. It wasn't right, but you might even say I used it as a threat of sorts.

    Sakurai: It certainly had the desired impact!

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