News: Japanese Final Fantasy DLC Released

Square Enix's premiere WiiWare title has its downloadable content revealed. Wallets at the ready...

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King is Square Enix's first WiiWare title, and one of the first games on the Wii to utilise Pay & Play, Nintendo's new downloadable content service. But with the actual game currently available from the Japanese Wii Shop Channel for a whopping 1500 Points, surely the extra content packs won't cost too much?

Wrong! Square-Enix have started to reel out the extra content after about a week of the game being available, and the prices may well be enough to make your wallet cry itself to sleep.

Three new races are now available for 300 Points each or 800 Points as a special pack. Liltie, Yuke and Selkie add to the one race which was initially available with the game. Houses are also available for each race (each with original names such as 'Liltie House') for 300 Points a piece.

A couple of new buildings are also available. The Seinaru Hokora (200 Points) has the titular king pray at the building to temporarily raise your adventurers' stats. A Mansion is also available for 200 Points, allowing a family of 8 to move in, giving your robbing little monarch a nice boost in taxes.

Some new character outfits are available for 100 Points each, including a pirate outfit for the king, and a change of clothes for your assistant, Chime. Before any of this content can be downloaded, the game must be redownloaded from the Shop Channel.

Now, if our calculations are correct, Square Enix's attempt at mimicking the tax-nabbing king may well cost the Final Fantasy fanatics out there 2300 Wii Points, which is 800 Points more than the game itself. Would it really have been too much to ask for at least some of this content to be included in the original download?

Square Enix have stated that future downloads are also planned, including a library (learn all about the various races in Crystal Chronicles), the Unlimited Tower (a dungeon that can be replayed over and over), and an option which lets you change your adventurers' names.

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