News: Layton Mask of Miracles News and Videos

Some new details about the mini-games from Professor Layton & the Mask of Miracles have emerged alongside some brand new videos.

The upcoming Professor Layton & the Mask of Miracles will feature several different mini-games when solving puzzles and being a true English gentlemen begins getting you down. In total there will be five different mini-games on offer according to GoNintendo: Bunny, Store Shelves, Clockwork Robo, RPG and Horseback Riding.

'Bunny' will give players the chance to have a pet bunny that they can interact with and teach different tricks to, which they can then put on a show with. 'Store Shelves' requires you to move items on a shop shelf to ensure they don't overlap. 'Clockwork Robo' allows you to use the touch screen to direct a robot through obstacles to a goal. The 3D function will be used for this title.

'RPG', which may not be the official title, involves searching for hint coins and engaging in boss battles. Meanwhile in 'Horseback Riding' you must pursue the Mysterious Gentleman on horseback through the streets. Once again this game will take advantage of the 3D function.

A brand new batch of videos featuring these mini-games are available on Nintendo-Online as well.

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