News: MadWorld Dated For UK, Multiplayer Footage

Get a glimpse of the stylish title in multiplayer - heading to a Wii near you this March!

From the makers of Viewtiful Joe and Okami comes MadWorld: a black, white and red kill-fest exclusively on Wii. If you don't know the drill by now, you play as Jack, a hulking anti-hero who's out for a bit of the old ultraviolence in the terrorist-infested Varrigan City. The main goal is to find the most imaginative (or sick) ways of disposing of your enemies. The developer Platinum Games has likened the over-the-top violence to that of Tom and Jerry, albeit with a bit more blood.

Sega have announced that MadWorld will be out in UK stores on March 20th; just ten days after our friends across the Atlantic. A new gameplay video showing off some of the split-screen multiplayer fun to be had has also been released.

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